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International Accounting Services Firm

Are you planning to set up your foreign company in France? Are you looking for expertise in developing your subsidiary which is already established in France ? Experias has the experience to help you. Whether you need accounting, tax, legal or social support, we have developed a complete offer adapted for international structures. Find out why you should call on an international accounting services firm such as ours.

Why call on a French international accounting services firm ?

As you probably know, administrative procedures in France are complex. French legislation has many regulatory obstacles that make business development difficult especially when for foreign companies or subsidiaries that are not familiar with all the legal subtleties.

However, France has several advantages that make it one of the most attractive countries in the world for setting up a business. Which is why foreign investors have chosen France as a prime European location to setup their companies.

If you are planning to set up or develop your business in France, it is recommended to work with French experts. In fact, they will be able to guide you to not only setup your business, but also to guide throughout various stages of your company’s growth.

The mission of Experias : a French international accounting services

With an experience of more than 10 years, our accounting firm Experias assists subsidiary companies and international groups in their establishment in France and in their development. We offer specific solutions according to the size, nature and location of your company.

Accounting management

We provide the following accounting activities necessary to keep your company’s accounting compliant :

  • Accounting management
  • Auditing of accounts
  • Compliance of your company's accounts with French and international standards (US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS, etc.)
  • Management of billing terms and conditions
  • Transfer pricing
  • Consulting for cost optimization

Social Consulting and Paid Management


In a world where compliance standards are constantly evolving, your company or foreign subsidiary can safely confide in us to manage its employee/HR operations through the following services :

    • Collaboration with the HR department of the headquarters
    • Management of expatriate employees
    • Drawing up employment contracts / assistance with hiring
    • Preparation of pay slips
    • Social declarations
    • Intermediary service with social organizations (URSSAF...)

Tax and legal

We provide you with tax and legal support not only at key stages in the life of your company but also on a daily basis.

Support for the creation of your company

    • Choosing the right legal entity/ form (e.g. subsidiary, branch, etc.)
    • Registration Procedures
    • Social organization
    • Domiciliation services
    • Connecting with other partners (e.g. lawyers, banks, etc.)
    • Request for financing

Tax support for your company on a daily basis

A company's tax compliance requires regular monitoring to ensure the sustainability of any company's activities. To help you meet this challenge, here are our essential services :

    • Bookkeeping and annual filings
    • Assistance with tax returns (corporate tax, VAT, business tax...)
    • Assistance with tax audit
    • Exchange with your tax center

Reporting and predictive study

Management or investment decisions must be based on sound predictive analysis. In addition, the business manager must rely on management tools that facilitate the evaluation of the performance of their activity. Our firm has the experience in international accounting services and uses such tools to guide each client :

  • Cost accounting
  • Management reporting and budget forecasting
  • Due diligence audit
  • Remote accounting management tools